About Us

“DETAY MOLD” has been established in 2006, in Ikitelli OSB; in order to offer plastic, metal injection and compound mold services ( smc,bmc ) to certain corporations.


From its establishing on, our company has been following up the advancements in modern technology meanwhile focusing on customer satisfaction and with no sacrifice from quality, and accordingly, its customer portfolio has grown.


In general terms, our company manufactures and modifies molds mainly the cosmetic/fairing parts, overall plastic and metal parts for automotive, White household and small electrical appliances sectors, with the dimension range varying between200mm-200mm to 2000mmx1600mm (1ton-20 tons).

In addition, we provide production service to our customers with our new plastic injection machines in various tonnages from 170Ton to 1080Ton.

Our company has a new plant in HADIMKOY in by the year 2020, the quality with reasonable price policy until production from design, aesthetics and keeping

customer satisfaction in the foreground, the qualified and trained staff with Turkey

and the world's leading companies aims to provide continuous service.

We offer professional services at our facilities and manufacture molds by using state of the art machinery, production line and assembly line.

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